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The New

The Cotswold, Cheltenham, February 23rd 2024





Photos By Graham Plumb


The Castle, Swindon, November 11th 2023





Photos By Ben Smith


The Wheatsheaf, Calne, September 24th 2022















Photos By Danny Silvers


The Lamb, Marlborough, December 28th 2019












Photos By Claire Erskine


Aldbourne Sports and Social Club, August 3rd 2019










Photos By Claire Erskine


The Regent, Swindon, July 27th 2019










Photos By Claire Erskine


The Bear, Marlborough, May 11th 2019





The Golden Farm, Cirencester, Feb 23rd 2019
Photos by Ray Morrison

The Bear, Marlborough, Nov 17th 2012



The Bear, Marlborough, Feb 18th 2012
25th Annivesary Gig



The Bear, Marlborough, Oct 15th 2011
















Photos by Emma Doughty


12 Bar, Swindon (09-04-11)

White Hart, Calne (19-03-11)

White Hart, Calne (19-03-11)
Calnefest 2011

White Hart Calne, Mar 13th 2009



Marlborough Carnival 2008




20th Anniversary Logo

20th Anniversary Gig Poster For 2007


20th Anniversary Gig, 17 Feb 2007

The Stage Set Up, Through the Eyes of a Drunk (Blurry)

This is what we looked like, when we guest starred in South Park

Poster For July 2007 Gig


On stage - 28 July 2007

Review of the band in the August Edition of the Wilts Ocelot Magazine.

Practice - March 3rd 2008.

Poster for our lengthy, spreadout, minitour in 2008.

Say No More.....

25th Anniversary Logo

The Old


Line Up number 1

Gunjur Gig Soundchecking

Gunjur Gig Poster From 1987


Line Up number 3


Old Tickets from Gigs we played

Me watching my Bass Tutor "Moose" when he played in New Model Army