Simon Thorpe
Original Singer, although we had to use a lot of echo on the first demo. Eventually became the third guitarist after Arfur and Simon Roff had been and gone



Andrew Plank
Original Drummer. We had to bring his first drum kit home on the number 70 bus from Swindon because none of us had a car. The look on peoples faces........


Original Bass player (?) with the band. At the ripe old age of 50+, he still believes that his band will make it big, like the singer in the Anvil movie.


  Nick "Arfur" Penny
Original Guitarist and main songwriter. Our first demo was recorded in his bedroom one Saturday morning. He was eventually poached by "Loth Lorien" and probably still doesn't regret leaving to this day.


Simon Roff
Arfurs's replacement. Into Napalm Death and such like. Hmmmm....



  Chris Gardener
Singer in line up number 3. Very good at getting drunk before a gig, so a few words were sung in the wrong place.



Norman Smee
Fourth Guitarist and youngest member of the band. Into bands like NOFX and the like.




Ben Smith
We've had four guitarists and three singers, but this is only our second drummer. When he told Shaggy that he liked The Damned, he had passed the audition.


Mark Maslin
A shy bloke from Calne, Wilts. Never seemed the singing type, and scared to have a photo taken.




Richard Park
Another shy bloke from Calne, Wilts. Is there a pattern developing here? All will become clear........probably.


Tim Neale
Described as "A rabbit in headlights" by Mark, Tim was the typical "Quiet one"




Robin Dymond
Guitar genius......Say no more..


Abe Juggins
A Drummer from Devizes. Seems to be able to play any style.....and volume.....!




Steve Daniels
A Drummer from Calne. Can also play Guitar and Bass. A one man band......!



Danny Silvers
Another Drummer from Calne. Can also play Guitar. Almost another one man band......!




Members by Instrument