A list of songs we have played sometime, somewhere.

Old Original Songs (10) New Original Songs (10) Covers  (24)
Trouble Oh Dear Dickie New Rose
New Generation Tunnel Vision Love Song
Our World Thorn in my Side Warhead
Battle Cry F.O.D. In A Rut
The Martyr T W A T Helena
Big Ego Gonna Die Trying Pretty Vacant
On The Edge All Hope Is Gone Someone's Gonna Get Their Head...
Vigilante Lies Blitzkreig Bop
Destroyer 21GF Human Fly
White Lies 31 Bad Things
    I Wanna Be Sedated
    Ever Fallen in Love
    Troops of Tomorrow
    Hurry Up Harry
    Silver Machine
    Let's Dance
    51st State
    Louie Louie
    Swords of a Thousand Men
    Alternative Ulster
    Damage Case
    Vision Thing
    Holiday in Cambodia
    She Sells Sanctuary
    Prime Mover
    English Civil War
    Banana Splits

Recordings From the 80's

Recordings From 2005 Onwards

Battle Cry Big Ego Big Ego The Martyr
Destroyer The Martyr New Generation Oh Dear Dickie
New Generation On The Edge On The Edge Our World
Our World Trouble Trouble Vigilante
These songs are around thirty years old and recorded from a very old tape. The quality isn't Brilliant. New Rose Let's dance

Recordings From 2018


New Generation


Big Ego